Test di posizionamento A2/B1 - B1/B2

Nome Cognome
Corso di dottorato (facoltativo)
Test per verificare la competenza linguistica necessaria
per frequentare le lezioni di livello A2/B1 o B1/B2 di Inglese.


One mark for each correct answer
A: Complete the questions
Example: A: Where is John?
  B: He's at home.

1. A: Spanish?
  B: No, I'm not. I'm Italian.
2. A: speak German?
  B: Yes, she can.
3. A: the eggs?
  B: In the fridge.
4. A: What do?
  B: I'm a teacher.
5. A: live?
  B: My brother lives in London.
6. A: What is ?
  B: She's wearing jeans.
7. A: Where yesterday evening?
  B: They went to the cinema.
8. A: When born?
  B: He was born in 1989.
9. A: What this time last week?
  B: We were relaxing on the beach.
10. A: What tonight?
  B: Nothing. We're going to stay at home.
11. A: If you can find some tickets, go to the match?
  B: Sure!
12. A: If Paolo were offered a job in London, accept it?
  B: I think so.

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